Photo Challenge: Weight(less) City


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Christchurch, New Zealand, nearly five years after a massive earthquake that brought down many buildings, (already damaged by an even greater earthquake just six months prior), in the city centre.  Many buildings had to be demolished but there are some still standing, if only just half way.

Not sure how the mini remained on the wall though.


Photo Challenge: Circle


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It’s been just over a month since I was last in Hobbiton, but it feels much longer, and I miss this place.

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It may sound a bit daft, talking about this place as if it’s an actual place, and there are Hobbits, but if you been there you’ll know just what a remarkable job they’ve done here. It really feels like you’ve stepped into another world and that any moment one of those doors will open, (and some actually do, and some you can go into), and a Hobbit will walk out and wonder what we’re doing there.

While the group I was with were standing outside No. 3 Bagshot Row, the door to the Hobbit hole next to it suddenly opened from the inside, the entire group fell silent, and waited, (even our guide, despite having lead hundreds of these tours), and watched to see who was about to walk out.  There was a bit of a sad sigh as one of the groundskeepers/gardeners, just a human, appeared, and looked back at us all in confusion.  No doubt he was wondering why all these people where staring at him with a look of disappointment.

Its a fantastic place, and if you’re lucky to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand,  you should make a stop in Hobbiton, but you may not want to leave.

Photo 101: Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home


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Five addresses, two countries, and that was by the time I reached the age of five, and many, many more since then. I suppose that’s why I’ve never been attached to a house, not that I don’t have any feelings when I leave one, I do feel a bit of sadness as I remember the good times held within those walls, but they soon pass as after all, those walls are just material things, replaceable.

Although there isn’t yet a building with my name on it, and I would so like for there to be one, (but the current market in the Toronto area is far too high for what lies in my bank balance), I do have several places I can call home, but it would be nice for my aging cat to not have to move again.

Secretly though, I’d love to be able to call this, (or something similar), home.


Photo Challenge: Intricate of the mundane


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We see, (and expect to see), beautiful and intricate designs in grand palaces, religious buildings, monuments, etc., but what I always enjoy seeing is these designs on the mundane and unexpected places.

Meat Market

Meat Market

Smithfield Meat

Smithfield Meat

For instance this is the interior of Smithfield Market in London.  It’s a meat market, the largest wholesale meat market in the UK. It’s been around for about eight hundred years, thought the current buildings are less than two hundred, but take a look at the exterior and interior of the market, would you find any hint of design in a more modern market?


Farringdon Street exterior

Farringdon Street exterior



Here’s the Holborn Viaduct, (a former railway station), over Farringdon Street, and once again intricate design on something most wouldn’t bother looking up at.


And then how about a bit of shopping?  Here’s the exteriors of a couple of former shops in Paris.

Paris shopping

Paris shopping

Art Shop


I suppose they’re more unexpected because so many of these buildings covered in intricate design have been torn down to make room for cheap, (in every definition of this word), concrete and glass blocks.  I believe that people used to take pride in the structures they created, and perhaps less on how much more money they could make if they cut out certain things.


I’m not kidding, in certain areas of Toronto, I walk close to the buildings to avoid the many parts of new condos that fall from far above.


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