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Hello again, it’s been awhile since I last posted, about eight months I think, and there’s been many reasons why I’ve fallen off the blog wagon.

2016 has been a fairly horrible year, an old friend of mine, (we’ve been friends for about 30 something years), passed away in May, then there was the passing of my most favourite artists, and over the year I’ve been dealing with a feeling of being lost, of just “going through the motions.”  I’ve been so uninspired, and tired, and then just last week  I was laid off from work, (did get a package so no hurry to find work just yet…hey, I just found a silver lining!).

And on a trivial note, my laptop finally gave up after seven long, and abusive years, (ok the glass of wine that my cat knocked onto it was what that finally did it…and yes, I know it was all my fault, and what a cliche!).

So now, I’ve got a new MacBook, a lot of free time, and I’ve got to look at this now as a new start.  New starts are never easy, so I feel I’m being a bit lazy with this post, but in my defence I’ve been re-watching the Harry Potter films today and these photo’s are what came to mind first when I thought about the prompt.

The figures under the water are of course not Inferi, they are in fact sculptures that do lie under the water, by a bridge in in Copenhagen.  They are ‘Agnete and the Mermen,’ and they are in one of the many fairy tales found in Danish folklore. As for the luggage trolly half embedded in the wall?  What rock have you been hiding under for the past, nearly twenty years?