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It’s been just over a month since I was last in Hobbiton, but it feels much longer, and I miss this place.

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It may sound a bit daft, talking about this place as if it’s an actual place, and there are Hobbits, but if you been there you’ll know just what a remarkable job they’ve done here. It really feels like you’ve stepped into another world and that any moment one of those doors will open, (and some actually do, and some you can go into), and a Hobbit will walk out and wonder what we’re doing there.

While the group I was with were standing outside No. 3 Bagshot Row, the door to the Hobbit hole next to it suddenly opened from the inside, the entire group fell silent, and waited, (even our guide, despite having lead hundreds of these tours), and watched to see who was about to walk out.  There was a bit of a sad sigh as one of the groundskeepers/gardeners, just a human, appeared, and looked back at us all in confusion.  No doubt he was wondering why all these people where staring at him with a look of disappointment.

Its a fantastic place, and if you’re lucky to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand,  you should make a stop in Hobbiton, but you may not want to leave.