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Late December in 2013 we were hit with a rather nasty ice storm, at first it didn’t seem quite as bad, the first wave was fairly light as seen in this photo.  You can see a bit of ice covering the tree limbs.

The tree before

The first wave

By the next day however, things had changed, and not for the better, the second wave had hit.  I remember being woken up that night by a loud crack and whoosh sound but when I looked out my window I couldn’t see what had happened as the icy rain was still falling and blurring what I could see.  In the morning I looked out and saw this instead.


Broken by ice

Broken by ice

Of course I had to go out and take some photo’s, so at first I played it safe and went out in my backyard.  My plan was to go out into the park and get some photo’s of the larger trees I could see in the distance, but then I heard a very loud crack.  I turned to look where it came from and saw just in time a very thick and large branch come crashing down through the surrounding trees taking with it lesser branches.  The smaller branches gave way easily and left popping noise as they too headed for the ground.

It was at this point I thought I’d just stay here, where there weren’t any great tree limbs hanging precariously over my head, and simply take some pictures from a safe distance.