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I’m not a morning person, and I almost gave this weeks challenge a miss because five days a week I have to be up at the crack of arse, so, on those two, brief days of freedom, I take the advantage of having a lie in.

I gave it a try this weekend, (with assistance from my cat, who head butted me, purred loudly into my ear, and even tried to shake me awake), and managed to fight my natural instincts to just roll over and go back to sleep, and find my way outside.

Alas, I do not live in a photogenic city, (and didn’t wake up early enough to get to somewhere else so I took some cropped photo’s of my immediate surroundings.

I’ll admit I do love the light at this time of morning, and it does feel good to have done a bit of work and still have most of the day to do more.  Am I a convert?  I’m not sure, willingly being up so early still feels odd.