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I’d been to the Lake District a couple of times before I finally joined in on what most people do there, explore the area on foot, (previously I had spent my time wandering about the shops and having a few drinks in the pubs).  One day during my stay in Keswick, I decided to walk up to the top of Skiddaw, (a mountain in the Lake District National Park in England).


A couple of times along the way I met up with some other walkers, but luckily the route wasn’t  overrun with hikers.  It was a bright and sunny day, and the walk is an easy one but on this day it was very, very windy. A few times I found myself being blown back a step or two, but the views were spectacular. The rolling hills, the varying colours, the occasional foreboding clouds, (that left about as soon as they arrived).

Keswick reward

About half way up I saw a pack of hounds running down the mountain and towards me, they passed me and I had only seconds to get my camera out from my backpack and take the photo. I had intended to get some photo’s of the dogs racing down but as I turned I saw just one standing still, as if he were taking in the beauty of the land.

It’s not my best, far too bright, (I didn’t have any more time than to get this one shot before the dog tore off after the others), but it remains one of my most favourite photo’s.

One Fell Hound