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Something strange has happened, I’ve never been one for the beach, or sun, and have only been for a holiday in the sun, (during winter), once before and that was only because I happened to win the holiday.  I’ve also have never spent a Christmas or a New Years in a warm climate, rain and snow are far more familiar scenes at this time of year, however this past holiday season that’s exactly what happened.

Despite that the area surrounding some of the beaches I found myself on could only be best described as “tacky,” and some of the people there somewhat irked me, the moment my bare feet touched the sand I felt relaxed.  Feeling the sand between my toes, walking into the ocean, and suddenly the sound of an overtired child crying, is replaced with that of a child’s laughter, and the sight of the crowded beach becomes a secluded paradise.  I could watch the waves crash to the shore and feel all my worries, stress, dissipate along with them.

I must be getting old.

Sandy feet