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Room to talk

This is the room I want to have, and I will have, someday.  If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, one of the first things I’d do is have a house built like a Roman Villa.  I adore the U-shape or square shaped buildings with an open courtyard in the centre of the building, an outdoor room, offering privacy from nosey neighbours, (don’t think I could live out in the countryside, far too isolated).

Realistically though, I’d just like to have a place that would allow me to have a Roman dining room, of course it would furnished with far more comfortable seating than what you see here.  The so-called traditional dining room of a table and matching chairs, of cutlery and chinaware that only sees the light of day a few times in a year, I find are very stiff, formal, restrictive, uncomfortable even, so I would rather have a place that is relaxed, where my guests can feel at home.  All phones, tablets, will be left outside the room, no TV, the only sound other than human voices, (along with the occasional meow and bark), will be music, and as the wine flows, so hopefully, will the conversation.