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In Medieval Shrewsbury, if you wanted some meat you would go to…

Butchers Row

But if it were fish you were after instead, well then you’ll find what you need here.

But if it wasn’t food you were after, and it was instead something else, then turn down Fish Street and head down here.


I’ve been to enough towns and cities that have similarly named streets so when I first turned down Butchers Row I immediately knew why it’s been named so, despite the lack of butchers near by, and of course with Fish Street, Grope Lane however made me pause for about a second before the 12 year old in me had a giggle.

I’ve since learned that there are a few meanings behind the naming of this street, one of the two popular beliefs is that because it is so narrow it was too dark to see your way so you would have to feel or grope your way through, and as narrow as it is I have trouble believing that absolutely no light came through here. But, the popular thought is that it was the “Red Light area,” and that seems more likely in this market town, so I’m going to side with the latter of these two.