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The Great Hall

Honestly, I’m not try to spam you with photo’s with a Harry Potter theme, I scoured through my photo’s looking for something else, but my mind kept going back to when I saw the challenge and the first thing that came to mind was the Harry Potter Studio Tour a couple of years ago.

After a half hour, (?), queue where we passed by a small set of Harry’s bed under the stairs which gathered a bit of attention, we finally entered a cinema where we watched a 10 minute video about the movies.  I can’t remember much about it as I was distracted by the walls surrounding the large screen.  I recognised it from the movies, and I wasn’t the only one.  When the film was over the screen went up, and there was the door, the door that so many of us wished we could have seen at age 11.  Immediately everyone in that room knew what lay ahead, a number of people even gasped, and I saw heads bob up a few times, perhaps a bit too eager to enter through the door, but then it was something they had been waiting to do for a few years.

The anticipation in that room was palpable, everyone was eager to pass through.  When it came time to leave our seats and walk towards the doors some held back a bit, perhaps a bit afraid of a great disappointment when those doors would finally open, thinking perhaps they’d made a huge mistake in building up this moment to such an expectation that could not be fulfilled.  Fans of Harry Potter are nothing if not passionate.