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My second day in Paris and it was pouring with rain and there was no sign of it giving up  for anytime soon.  My plan of spending the day at the Louvre were scuppered when I arrived there and discovered that it was closed on Tuesdays.  At that point I decided I’d just have a wander around the city, perhaps visit another gallery.

It turned out to be a…hmmm interesting day, (?).  I had numerous scams attempted upon me, was nearly swept into the Seine as I was walking next to it and as several boats passed they caused the already swollen river to rise higher, quickly.  I moved to avoid the wave and slipped in the process, nearly into the river.

On the bright side, the rain did create mirrors on the pavement and the depths of the puddles made them look like portals to another world, and as I spent most of the day hiding under an umbrella, I noticed them more than before.