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Last minute Hallowe’en preparations have never really been my thing, I used to spend at least a couple of months planning a costume, or display, (it’s one of my most favourite time of the year), but for years now I’ve not had the time to spare.  Then, two years ago there was a costume party at work and a prize for the best costume, my competitive side came out, but my imagination began to falter, I couldn’t decide on what to go as.  I finally decided upon a “Weeping Angel” from the Dr. Who series, but I only had a few days to put it together.  After a fruitless search on the internet for a quicker solution I decided I would have to make it up myself.  A visit to the local charity and a costume shop I had finally scrambled almost what I needed, I only had to put it together.  This was late on a Sunday afternoon, and the party was going to be held on the following Wednesday afternoon,  (and I was of course working during the day, leaving me only a few hours in the evening to do all this).  To put further pressure on this situation, Hurricane Sandy was due to arrive, (although, we didn’t get hit anywhere near as hard as others, it was still very wet and windy).  So, there I was, outside in this storm, spray painting the wig and costume, (the dress was a bed sheet in a former life I found at the charity shop), hoping the wind would help dry it quickly.

In the end it worked out in my favour as I won first prize, a gift card for a wine shop, (just my kind of prize), despite the fact that no one understood what I was, (I found out I’m the only Dr Who fan at work).