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This was a birthday present from a friend, made by another friend, (http://www.xothique.com/index.php), for an event we were to attend, the book release for the last of the Harry Potter series. It was through the books that we became friends so it was only appropriate that we get together for the final instalment.  I was initially to go as Narcissa, but when I saw the mask I changed my costume, slightly, to become a Death Eater, or was that Death Eater Narcissa?

The mask received quite a bit of attention, and admiration, and I loved it, I had so much fun with my darkside, and experienced a different kind of freedom while wearing it.  In fact I loathed having to take it off, I even bought the book while wearing it.

All but one of our group went as our opposites, Ali as Lucius, Helen as Bellatrix, Kait as Rita Skeeter, and the rebel, Sarah, remained true to herself and went as Hermione, (our prisoner?).  I think that’s one of the things I enjoy about wearing the mask, it’s a bit like taking a holiday from yourself, and becoming someone or something else, but without losing yourself.

Sometime soon I plan to attend the Carnival in Venice, (not this year), not sure when that will be as I will only go once I’ve decided upon a costume, and of course another wonderful mask by (http://www.xothique.com/index.php)