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I’ve noticed over the years there are a lot more barriers than before, from the obvious “do not enter” walls and fences to the subliminal ones, (if you’ve witnessed a helicopter parent in action you’ll know what I mean).  I’m focusing on the more obvious for today, and proving just how many more obstacles there are now.

In 2000 I was in Paris, not my first visit but a first to the Père Lachaise Cemetery and while there I took a few pics, not as many as when I went there again last year. It was on my recent visit that I noticed how much it had changed, for instance, in 2000 I took this photo of the grave of Oscar Wilde, (and added to the many kisses left behind from many other visitors, that’s mine on the chest, just to the right).


I returned in 2013 to find his grave surrounded by a glass fence, not that this obstacle stopped others from adding to the kisses.  I didn’t leave one this time, the wall was too high and I had no one with me to give me a boost, and besides I’d already done it before.

Oscar 2013

On both occasions I eventually wandered over to another often visited grave, this was was it like back in 2000, accessible to all and it wasn’t over crowded, or burdened with mementos from adoring fans.


Fast forward thirteen years and it was a different scene. I didn’t take a photo, instead I took a couple of videos.



No matter how many obstacles or barriers people try to put up, and no matter the reason, and I realise that what people are doing to these two graves is damaging, chipping off bits of the grave is worse, (and it’s something I’ve never understood), but  someone will always find a way around them, or destroy them altogether.