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For quite a few years now a family has lived in a home that lies behind mine, I don’t know it’s exact location, they keep it hidden within the trees, and they’re usually very private, but each spring I can hear the parents calling out for their offspring so I know when they’re around.  They’re a tight knit family, mum and dad are very protective of their children, but rather than staying in and hiding from the world, they venture out for their daily walk and swim.




I know it seems like dad is out off somewhere, but he was there, (I couldn’t get a decent photo of him), he was following behind, making sure there were no threats following his family while mum kept watch for any dangers ahead. The kids were of course oblivious to all this, playing, eating was far more fun.

I kept my distance, my movement’s slow, hoping that despite the language barrier they would understand that I was not a threat.  I think she realised I was not going to harm her family, but kept wary as her young family passed by and eventually disappeared into the foliage, this time she brought up the rear while dad took watch up front.