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Since 2009, on the second Saturday of July, there has been a free carnival in Leander Park, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, that began as a way to honour and remember a wonderful 2 year old boy who was killed in a tornado in Pine Lake, Alberta on the 14th of July, 2000,  (his mum and dad had spent the previous week building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and were enjoying a holiday when tragedy struck).

The carnival is open to everyone, and it’s free, (the only charge is for hotdogs, burgers, pop, but it’s so cheap it might as well be free, and one of the kiosks sells some delicious, and very inexpensive, samosas), also water bottles are constantly handed out throughout the afternoon at no cost, (so that those in the community that are on a very limited income can afford to come).

It offers families a day of fun with their kids that includes Pony Rides, a Climbing Wall, a Dunk Tank, Bouncy Castle, Mini Golf, entertainment, games for all ages where’s there’s no sense of competition, just learn enjoy the game, play and have fun!

I’ve been going there for the past few years, initially I went to help my mum with a kiosk.  We’re involved with a charity, that each year in May, takes children who are ill, disabled, but mainly they are children that are underprivileged, (some of their stories are so harsh it even breaks this jaded girls heart), and takes them to Disney World for a day.  On the day of the carnival we do some promotion for the charity, not so much looking for donations but looking for children to take on the next trip.

It’s a fantastic day, without attitude, anger, no rushing about, everyone is enjoying themselves, they’re relaxed, and there’s a real sense of community where everyone is looking out for everyone else, and you come away from this day with a feeling that all is well in the world, even when it really isn’t, but you have at least hope that it could be.

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For more information on this event: http://www.lucasholtomcarnival.com/carnivalday/