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When I was a young child there were only two shows I would insist on watching, Star Trek and Dr. Who, luckily my father was a fan of them too and I can recall spending some good times of our discussions of the episodes.  I jumped in on both late, Star Trek was re-runs but new to me, and my first Dr. was played by Tom Baker, my dad saw the first.  While watching the Day of the Doctor I found myself having imaginary conversations with my dad, he’s been gone for many years now, he died when I was 16, but I can see him being a fan of the new Dr’s.

A few years ago I was in Edinburgh and my friend and I noticed a few things that were familiar yet out of place, (personally I hoped for some strange man to pop out and ask me to accompany him to the far reaches of the universe, and I would have jumped in before he got the chance to finish the question).  This is the only place that I’ve across this particular building, and I’m glad they lasted so long, I hope they still stand.

Day of the Dr-2 Day of the Dr-3

Last year I’d just returned from a holiday when I was faced with the task of finding a costume for a Hallowe’en party at work, and there were to be prizes for the best costumes.  I searched for a couple of days, trying to find something good in a short time but instead finding only the usual “sexy” Nun/female Nurse/Disney fairy princess costumes.  Discouraged, I reverted to the time when I used to make my own costume and raided my local charity shop, then picked up some paint, make up, visited a costume shop for the rest of the props that I didn’t have the time to make myself and in a few hours, (during the dregs of Hurricane Sandy, I had to do the paint work outdoors), I came up with this.


Yeah, that’s me, if you’re not of the Who world I’ve taken the guise of a weeping angel, (there were wings but are hidden in this photo) but despite my explanation to non Dr fans, actually most had no idea as to what I was talking about, they thought I was the patron Saint of the hospital that we work at.  There is a photo somewhere of me with a sword, and my poses did cause some confusion to those who didn’t know. You know I still have difficulty taking my eyes off a statue.

Not my best effort but in the time given I reckon it’s not too bad, good  enough to win first prize, (and a gift card for some lovely wine).

A couple of weeks ago, while wandering about London, it began to rain as I was approaching the Museum of London, I’d been there years before but I soon discovered many new and interesting things that weren’t there before, (no spoilers, well not many, but I’d recommend you go there when you’re in town).  I nearly jumped when I turned a corner and met with this…

Day of the Dr-1

I think my epitaph shall read, “I don’t want to go,” alongside “be shiny to one another.”


p.s. you, (if you haven’t already, but watch it again), must watch An Adventure in Space and Time, but bring tissues, you’ll leak.