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I have three names actually, which is somewhat unusual in my family ancestry, especially on my mothers side.  The majority have had just one name, any second names where given to honour someone significant in their lives.  For instance my maternal Grandmother was the only one of four girls to have been given two, she was named after her mothers best friend who didn’t finish her journey on the Titanic.

My mother has only one given name, my father two, but his parents were following in his family’s tradition of passing on a common family name.

My parents however, decided to rebel against these traditions, I have three, my siblings have two but none of these are to honour anyone in particular, (except for me, I’ve been given my Grandmothers names), and they weren’t chosen because of their meaning, our parents simply liked these names.

So, my three names in order that is on my birth certificate are, Victory / Victorious, Rebellion, and Peace.  Sort of an odd arrangement, but I like their meanings.  I’ve had a few victories, rebellion, well I think if my parents knew what was to come they would have chosen differently, and finally peace, I’m still striving for that.

Now which photo’s could represent all these?  I had a couple that could represent the first one but when I searched for some for the other two I realised I had all three, but I’ll show them in three stages, three views of this one place.

This is the John Lennon wall in Prague, it began in the 1980’s as a non-violent rebellion, (the best kind), against the repressive regime of the time.  It isn’t just a memorial to Lennon and his words or ideas of peace, it represents the small war the Czech people won against the Communist police who tried to stop it.

Rebellion, Victory…Peace?

Victory Rebel Peace-1 Victory Rebel Peace-2 Victory Rebel Peace-3