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It’s not often that you come across a castle that isn’t a ruin, I know, I’ve visited many, and it’s also rare to find one intact that is more than a few centuries old.  So when I heard about Burg Eltz I had to see it for myself.

We, my brother and I, missed the turn to Wierschem and the car park where there’s an easy and quick walk to the castle, and that’s what I was dressed for, I was wearing converse trainers. However, we instead went to Moselkern, and to the Hotel Ringelsteiner where we began the trail to the castle.  It at first appeared to be an even easier walk as we stepped upon the paved path, it would be a longer walk, 2.4km, but that was nothing even as the pavement ended and we now walked upon a slightly muddy path.  

It had been raining for the past few days, and had been also that day, but still no worries until we came to the true start of the path to the castle.


We managed to get past this with minimal mud damage on our decidedly inappropriate footwear, and while the trek to the castle is an easy one, it can be a very slippery one.  Also, there are a few areas were the path is so narrow you have to pass it very slowly and carefully.  Parts of the path have been torn away by fallen trees.

Keep to the path-1-2Tree Berg Path-1-1

At times it seems it felt like we would soon cross paths with something out of a story from the Brothers Grimm.


At last, the condition of the path improved and through the trees we finally saw the castle.  Despite the mud, I have to say that taking this path was a better idea, coming across the castle this way is far more dramatic.

Castle through the trees-1-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABerg Eltz Berg Eltz-2-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABerg Eltz-1-2