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One thing I love about visiting a manor house is that there is always an opportunity to find a hidden room, actually that goes for smaller houses as well as the grand homes.  I recall being in an old home that my cousins inherited. It was one of those Adam’s Family style houses, inside there were narrow corridors with several rooms leading off from them, and the corridors were also hidden behind more doors.  It sort of sounds like the setting of a horror film, but I felt a sense of adventure that you don’t often get with modern dwellings where the rooms are so open, bland and controlling.

In my dream home there will be several secret doors leading to other rooms, my home will be a fun adventure or a nightmare, it depends upon your imagination and ability to have some fun.


On a sort of similar note, if you’re in Edinburgh go to the Jekyll & Hyde pub, the drinks are fun, but the best part is the decor and finding the toilets, although the latter is probably not so much fun when you really have to go.  The toilets lie behind a faux bookcase and the best way to find which one you need is to watch others make the mistake or wait for a regular.