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Hardwick Hall-front

I was excited about going to Hardwick Hall.  We, Sarah, Ali, and I had meant to go a year ago but found out it was closed on the day we planned to visit. It looked beautiful, interesting, and since we learned that it was Malfoy Manor, (minus some CGI), we were ready to get our Harry Potter geek on!

Outside it is very impressive, and inside, when you first walk in there is a lot to look at, especially this wonderful trunk, which in no way looked like the trunk I saw at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.



There were some interesting features, and beautiful tapestries but all too soon it became just another big house.

We had a good time, quite a few laughs, and games, such as “touch three things that you are not allowed to touch.” I’m pleased to say that each of us completed this task.



These were the lesser tapestries, as we were told by the staff who were there to make sure no one touched anything. The thing is, we liked them, and the ones we were told were far better were mostly “meh.” To each their own.



The next set of stairs set us to the third floor and to several grand rooms.  In one room we came across what I believe was the games room, which included a table with several engravings aside from some playing cards.  One of the engravings was of a man and we were fortunate, in a comedic sense, to overhear a comment about it, “speaking as an artist, I can tell that this face is a Northern face.” It was at this point I let out a rather loud snort/laugh at this and we made several sniggers and added comments, “speaking as an artist I can tell this is a Northern face as it is craggy and very much lived in.’ To be honest I’m confused as to which was our own snarky additions or which was actually said by this person. We were too far off from the original, nevertheless it provided entertainment for us in a grand house that was pretty much dull. I think we were ruined by Calke Abbey.

We then found ourselves outside and by Hardwick Old Hall, which are ruins but turned out to be far more interesting.

HOH stairs-2 HOH fireplace-1 HOH-SarahHOH-window-birds-1

There were several levels that we could climb and explore, as we had the place to ourselves.

Unfortunately, we didn’t realise how much time we had spent there and were nearly locked in.  Luckily, we came across staff who do a check for lost souls and we were set free but not before finding some more photo’s to take.

Malfoy manorHH-garden path