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I’ve visited many stately homes, country estates, and each have their own fascination, but Calke Abbey in Derbyshire, UK, has to be the most interesting one I’ve been to so far.  It’s often called “the house that time forgot,” and it isn’t long before you discover why. The paintwork is peeling, as is the wall paper, and many rooms appear to have been long since abandoned.

Downstairs, there are several tunnels leading to the kitchens and a brewhouse.  There’s even a wine cellar that looks like it had been raided before being left to rot.

WineCellarhdr -1

Other rooms depict lost toys and perhaps once treasured belongings.

RockingHorse-1hdrtoneCalke child -2

Tunnel-2-b&w-1Calke kitchen-1Calke bedroom -1Calke bedroom -2Calke room -1Calke room -2Downstairs-1Calke heir-1

Outside, the stables await horses, and the house sits ready to receive more visitors, and on the grounds, deer wonder what you’re doing there.

Calke stables -1 Calke Abbey-1Deer me-1