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I often spend hours pouring over old photos, in particular of places, buildings that no longer exist.  It’s like looking into another world, and sometimes it is, comparing what was then and what lies there now. Unfortunately, I often find that what was there then was better than what replaced it. I’ve been collecting some old postcards of places I’ve been to and trying to take matching photos with the intention of merging the two.  old - new pic of St Pauls -3

It came out ok, but it does need some more work.  I’m not the most proficient with Photoshop so this photo will probably show up again in a future post. I put it together using these two photos.

old pic of St Pauls -1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And I’ve tried another version, but it doesn’t have quite the same impact. old - new pic of St Pauls -2

I’ve got more, and I need to spend more time with Photoshop, as well as travel to  a few more places that I have old photo’s of.  But I still find it fascinating too see what was once there, and it’s a shame, for many reasons, to know why it’s not.