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Graffiti.  Pretty much no matter where you are you’ll come across some, and it makes me laugh when people complain about it being a blight on society, and especially that it’s a new problem.  To those people I’ll happily point them in the direction of Pompeii, there’s a lot of graffiti there, and if you find a Latin translator you’ll find its far more rude than what you’ll find on the streets of today.

Granted a lot of it is crap, and I sometimes wonder if whoever made it congratulated themself on being able to spell their own name, or wonder at the lines of paint they made appear on the wall.

Prague is such a beautiful city, despite it’s abundance of crap graffiti.

Then there’s the politically motivated and revolutionary graffiti, and Prague has that as well at the Lennon wall.  Granted there is quite a bit of rubbish graffiti, but there’s great meaning behind them as well as some gems that if you look for them you’ll soon find them.

There is of course some good art work.

Toronto graffiti

And what would a skate park be without some paint?